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    Why we love BATMAN

    The most human and flawed of all the superhero’s known, the one who struggles who resists himself from killing someone although it might be the most rational thing to do, he saves people but has the urge to hurt them as well, the one who constantly suffers from the conflict between his goodness, his ethics, his morals and his anger, one wrong step one wrong move and he’s the long standing face to prankish mayhem. Yes we’re talking about none other than Batman and how he’s the best superhero among all the other know. Here are 6 of the many reasons that make him the best superhero read on and you’ll know. GOOO BATMAN!!!!

    1. He’s just as human as we are

    He’s not from krypton, has not been bitten by some radioactive unknown spider species or has not been sent from the sky to save us like Thor he’s worked hard to reach he pinnacle of his potential and that’s what makes him exclusively relatable and if he were to suffer from some incurable disease or slipped from a staircase of significant height he’d die just like any of us. AS SIMPLE AS THAT.
    So the next time someone tells you, you can’t do that just reply “I’m batman” 😛

    2. BRAINS:

    Bruce Wayne as human as the next guy (just the billionaire version) doesn’t have his superpowers from the sun or some spider species but that does not mean he owns no super powers he owns the greatest superpower known to human race – HUMAN MIND his mind is a deadly combination of a proper genius and mental instability.


    3. He’s the most versatile tactician:

    You’ll keep on wondering how he defeated rogue superman because batman works on angles that are barely noticed, the fact that no matter which battle he is fighting he keeps on adapting makes him unpredictable.
    We know what superman would do against a certain enemy what spidey will do against his; but do we know what batman has planned? Difficult to guess isn’t it?

    4. He’s got such wonderful toys:

    It won’t be wrong to call him the gadget master from a simple re-breather to a fully armoured robotic bat suit, this guy has it all. What more do we need? plus the fact that he constantly keeps on engineering more.

    5. Code and metaphor:

    The code and the metaphor are what makes batman the greatest superhero, the code a proof that it is justice he seeks not revenge. He’s the symbol of human resilience and the proof of the fact that no how much ever worst the circumstance gets murder is not the solution.
    But this nowhere means he won’t skirt close to murder, well just for drama!

    6. He’s the god damned batman:

    Enough said!!!!
    Batman is the common man superhero, the super hero that is constantly torn between the struggle that he could become a villain at any moment, the struggle we face everday, he is the person we all want to be but are afraid to be, he taught us to FALL SEVEN, RISE EIGHT.

    “You could never be Superman, you could never be The Incredible Hulk, but anybody could become Batman – you’d have to inherit a couple billion dollars and have all these gadgets, but nevertheless it’s possible. Like maybe if we tried hard enough, if we worked hard enough, if we trained hard enough, maybe, just maybe, we could become Batman.


    June 13, 2015

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