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I am Sherlocked Poster


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Amazingly observant, witty, high IQ levels, a keen eye for detail, quick understanding of the other’s mind and sarcastically sarcastic answers, we hope you know who are talking about. No, it is not your Boss. Nope not even your senior. We are talking about:

“The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221b Baker Street.”

Sherlock Holmes it is! And oh how can we forget the wink. The loud, flirtatious and don’t mess with me wink. Catching up like a forest fire, Sherlock, the 2010 TV series, got the response it was looking for, with its Season 3. Not that Season 1 & 2 were any less but you know what we mean. This contemporary adaption of the age old novel has made it so widely accepted. We have been watching some Sherlock movies but the TV series beats all those movies left, right and centre. His ability to overlook emotions to think logically and his desire to solve cases to kill boredom are some traits that make him dangerously dangerous. But someone so good looking cannot be dangerous. Can they? We will leave it on you guys to decide.

Sherlock’s stark look in the most dangerous situation and his partner, Dr. Watson’s quick mindedness and their partnership is what keeps the show kicking. Little did Sir Arthur Conan Coyle knew that his novel written in 1904 will create such frenzy and craze in 2000s. If he is watching us, a thumbs up to him and a wink for the great work. There is no denying that when we watch the series, we often find ourselves in the fantasy world with our Dr. Watson, investigating the crime scenes and solving the mystery. A sense of pride through and through to be like him and do what he does, isn’t it? We do not know about you but Green rock store encourages complete fluidity of the ideas and suggests you to bring out the fan in you. Because if you like to do something, it is time you act on it.

But how is the question? Let your dream frenzy begin with our I Am Sherlocked poster. These 18X12 inch  posters are printed on 300 gsm paper, easily available in India via online means. While you watch Sherlock Homes Episodes , why not order this TV merchandise for yourself. Just log on to our site, at greenrockstore.com , select and get your favourite  posters shipped free to you  and bring out the fan in you.