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house of cards mockup

House Of Cards Hunt Or Be Hunted Tee

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The most intelligent, cunning and brash antagonist, the ones who has all of us captivated by his brutal, ruthless and insidious actions, don’t know whom we’re talking about? No not Hitler, FRANK UNDERWOOD it is!

Frank underwood, the bad guy for the greater good,, the enemy we cannot afford to make, the one who showed that there’s just one rule you hunt or be hunted, you either be the blade or be cut by the blade.

The American political drama TV series an adaptation of BBC’s miniseries of the same name based on the novels by Michael Dobbs chronicles the revenge of the power duo of Frank and Claire Underwood. An utterly ruthless and wily politician who easily manipulates everything for power and prestige, he won’t bat an eye to destroy you if you stand in his way. Catching up like forest fire the series did get the response it was looking for and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that we’re all eagerly waiting for the 4th season.

For those who have watched House of Cards do know that his greatest ability to embody what we call as the alpha male has been stupendous, the conventional good vs bad leaving us admiring the hero HOC successfully turned the tables and became some of the very few stories where we’ve been rooting for the bad guy.

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