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Joker mug

Batman:The Dark Knight Agent Of Chaos Mug


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Product Description

People like the Joker as in they are fascinated by him. That is not the same as “liking him” liking him. They do not adore him, they do not idolize him (they = the majority, there are gotta be psychopaths who actually do).

And the reason is that character is pretty compelling. He is not an ordinary human being (despite what they would have you believe). He does not kill people for reasons other people usually kill people for. He doesn’t want your money. He just wants to do his personal, little dance of madness. He wants to aid the universe in its ultimate goal by slowly dismantling everything order and making way for chaos.

He has been around for decades, and has been crazy from the get go. And somehow, over the years, the writers have not only managed to maintain the crazy, they have regular succeeded in one-upping it.

He has had, over the years, had many opportunities to kill the Batman. But he won’t do it. That’s not what he wants. In fact, he wants quite the opposite. He wants Batman TO KILL HIM. That would be his ultimate victory – utterly breaking down the Dark Knight, or at least his moral compass.

There is no denying that when we watch  Batman movies , we often find ourselves in the fantasy world with Batman , fighting the crime in Gotham City. A sense of pride through and through to be like him and do what he does, isn’t it? We do not know about you but Green rock store encourages complete fluidity of the ideas and suggests you to bring out the fan in you. Because if you like to do something, it is time you act on it.

But how is the question? Let your dream frenzy begin with our Joker-I am an agent of chaos mug. These mugs are easily available in India via online means. While you  some amazing  batman on your laptop , why not order this movie merchandise for yourself. Just log on to our site, Greenrockstore.com, select and get your favourite merchandise like T-shirts, posters, mugs ,hoodies and bring out the fan in you.