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Bazinga Mug

The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! Mug

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Product Description

“Once again you have fallen prey for one of my classic pranks!  BAZINGA”

Sheldon Cooper is a fictional character yet he feels like a part of our everyday life. We do catch ourselves in situations wherein we act like him and have a hearty laugh. Leonard, Penny, Raj, Howard and especially Dr. Sheldon Cooper have got us glued to the screen. A big ball of popcorn, some nachos, laptop with downloaded seasons of Big Bang Theory, well that is all one can ask for. A perfectly relaxed weekend stretches ahead of you. The most impressionable character Sheldon Cooper took us down with one of his epic catchphrase, BAZINGA! It became so famous that Warner Bros had to get a registered trademark on the same. Wow, now that’s something.

Accounted for the worldwide acclamation of the series, Sheldon Cooper has given new horizons and hopes to comedy and humour genres in media & otherwise. His inability to crack normal jokes and his ability to be rude in most sensitive situations is what underlines his sarcasm. And this famous word “Bazinga” defines a perfect Sheldon Cooper funny situation. So in case of doubt, when you hear the word Bazinga, you know he is pulling off a prank.

Nerds were no longer just nerd, they became Sheldon nerds after Big Bang Theory picked up. Geeks got a new meaning to life, as this famous character validated their approach. Now there was no need to be hip and fashionable, just sarcasm could be your refuge. Lack of societal skill is not an excuse to feel secluded anymore. Jim Parson (Cooper) is your saving grace. Who knew a theoretical physicist with absolutely no understanding of humour, fun and dating would become the new cool.

Fascinating millions around the globe, people craved for him more and more. When TV series were not enough for fulfilling this thirst, TV series merchandise came to rescue. A whole range of Sheldon merchandise is available now to wear and flaunt his style. Bazzinga T-shirts being on top of the list. Greenrockstore.com India brings to you a long series of t-shirts from your favourite characters. From Harry Potter of Hogwarts to Sheldon Cooper of Big Bang Theory, we have one for all.

Being Sheldon or closer to your favourites has been simplified with online selling of these merchandises. While watching your favourite episode from the series just order any one t-shirt by simply typing greenrockstore.com in the search bar. Wear and act your favourite character away with these funky, modish and causal products.

High level IQ of 187, superiority complex, rigid logics and a lack of common sense if that is what you like, well then undoubtedly Sheldon is your love. So what are you waiting for? Why not grab your favourite mug now and as we say ‘Bring out the fan in you!’